Complete Engine Monitoring on Your Laptop - Only $395.00!

Now you can use your PC computer to monitor your engine - with the VMSpc. VMSpc is an intelligent data translator that links your serial port to the engine diagnostic connector on your rig. Together with the special software, it allows you to read performance and diagnostic information right on your laptop computer. You get complete diagnostics, trip information, and a great graphing system that lets you display up to five parameters at once. You can even store the engine data to a file and load it into a spreadsheet.

But wait!  There's more!  VMSpc let's you program audible alarms based on any engine parameter.  For example, you can set it to play any WAV file (grap a microphone and record your own!) when your road speed reaches a certain point.  Have it played once, once a minute, or continuously.

And you can create a "Tank Minder", which provides a miles-to-empty calculation based on your tank size and fuel economy.  VMSpc 2.2 lets you enter correction factors to compensate for a poorly calibrated engine.  You can even program gauges to read in metric, if you desire.

Professional engineers use VMSpc to test their vehicle designs. Now you can use the same tools to test your coach.

Feel free to download the VMSpc software - it's free. In fact, SilverLeaf Electronics is committed to provide the VMSpc software and all updates absolutely free on our web site. We welcome your input, and encourage you to tell us what you'd like to see in future versions of VMSpc.

System Requirements

USB Kit Now Available

Would you like to use VMSpc and your GPS at the same time, but are frustrated because you only have one serial port? We have the solution – a USB Serial Port adapter from Bafo. If your laptop or PC has a USB port (version 1.1 or better) and is running Windows 98, ME, XP, or 2000, then you can use the Bafo BF-810 to turn your USB port into an extra serial port. Attach VMSpc to one port, your GPS antenna to the other, and you can monitor your engine and your location at the same time.

The BF-810 is available directly from SilverLeaf Electronics for just $35.00 plus shipping. It includes all the necessary cables and software, and installation takes just a few minutes.

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